Wines from Sicily

Wines from Sicily

8 products
    8 products
    Feudo Luparello NOTO ROSSO DOP 2016 | Organic Red Wine SFr. 14.5
    Feudo Luparello NOTO ROSSO DOC 2016
    CHF 14.50
    Feudo Luparello NERO D’AVOLA SYRAH Sicilia DOP 2019 | Organic Red Wine SFr. 12
    Feudo Luparello NERO D’AVOLA SYRAH Sicilia Bio DOC 2019
    CHF 12.00
    Tenuta Tascante GHIAIA NERA Etna DOC 2018
    CHF 22.50
    Feudo Luparello GRILLO VIOGNER Sicilia Bio DOC 2021
    CHF 12.00
    Case alte SYRAH DI MACELLAROTTO Sicilia DOC 2019 | Organic Red Wine SFr. 24
    Case alte SYRAH DI MACELLAROTTO Sicilia DOC 2019
    CHF 24.90
    Case alte 16 FILARI NERO D’AVOLA Sicilia DOC 2020 | Organic Red Wine SFr. 18
    Case alte 16 FILARI Nero d’Avola Sicilia DOC Bio 2020
    CHF 19.50
    Case alte 12 FILARI Catarratto Sicilia DOC 2020 | Organic White Wine SFr. 18
    Case alte 12 FILARI Catarratto Sicilia DOC Bio 2020
    CHF 18.00
    Case alte 4 FILARI GRILLO Sicilia DOC 2021 | Organic White Wine SFr. 18
    Case alte 4 FILARI Grillo Sicilia DOC Bio 2021
    CHF 18.00

    Sicily is Italy's southernmost region, and the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. For more than 2500 years Sicily (Sicilia in Italian) has been a significant center of Mediterranean viniculture, although the reputation and style of its wines has changed significantly over that time.

    The island was once most famous for sweet Muscats, and later fortified Marsala. Today many of its best-known wines are dry table wines produced under the regional IGT title Terre Siciliane, or the Sicilia DOC.

    Sicily's soils, and the mountains from which they came, are of particular interest when it comes to studying the island's viticulture. Mount Etna, the towering stratovolcano, dominates the island's eastern skyline, and is responsible for the mineral-rich, dark soils that characterize the Etna DOC vineyards. Vines are now being planted higher up on the volcanic slopes, to capitalize on the cooler air and richer soils there.

    Fifty miles (80km) south, the Iblei Mountains stake their place in eastern Sicilian wine. On their lower slopes and the coastal plains below them, the DOCs of Siracusa, Noto, Eloro and Vittoria sweep from east to west, forming a crescent that mirrors the arcing coastline.

    The key grape varieties used in Sicilian viticulture are a combination of native varieties (those historically cultivated on the island) and newer, more fashionable imports. Nero d'Avola and Catarratto are the most important natives, occupying 16 and 32 percent of Sicily's vineyard area respectively in 2008. The sheer volume of Catarratto juice created each year means much of it is shipped to cooler Italian wine regions, where it is used to increase the body and weight of otherwise thin, over-acidic wines. A large proportion of what remains on the island is used to make Marsala, for which it is joined by the white varieties Grillo and Inzolia. Although less famous than Marsala, another sweet wine of significance to the island is Moscato di Pantelleria, the Moscato grape in question being Muscat of Alexandria.

    Other grape varieties of note are Grecanico, Alicante (Grenache), Perricone, Nocera, and Frappato, the latter being the key ingredient in Sicily’s only DOCG wine Cerasuolo di Vittoria. Sibling varieties Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio are also small players in terms of volume, but are of vital importance around Mount Etna. (©

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