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    Organic wines: Natural pleasure with sustainable commitment

    The European specification for organic wines

    Organic wine is regulated by a European specification that guarantees natural cultivation and environmentally friendly practices. Vintners who are certified organic not only produce natural organic wine but are also committed to climate-neutral viticulture and biodiversity conservation.

    Sustainable practices in vineyard: from chemical-free treatment to mechanical work

    The European specification states that no chemicals may be used to treat the vines in the production of organic wines. Herbicides for weed control are removed through mechanical labor to ensure natural cultivation.

    Gentle cellar process: strict regulations to produce organic wines

    Only natural products are allowed for fertilizing the vines. For example, composted sheep manure can be used to nourish the soil. In the fight against fungal diseases, organic winemakers use controlled amounts of copper and sulfur.

    Stricter regulations also apply to organic wine production in the cellar. No gelatin, bovine blood, metatartaric acid, or other controversial agents may be used for stabilization or clarification. Instead, natural methods are used to preserve the purity and quality of the wine.

    Less sulfites, more nature

    A characteristic feature of organic wines is their low sulfite content. Organic winemakers strive to make their wines as natural as possible and therefore use significantly less sulfites than conventional wines. This makes organic wines appealing to people who may be sulfite intolerant and therefore prefer wines without sulfites.

    Organic certified winemakers: for climate-neutral viticulture and biodiversity

    In addition to focusing on natural and sustainable practices in the vineyard and cellar, organic-certified winemakers are also committed to carbon-neutral viticulture and biodiversity. They actively promote environmentally friendly measures to minimize the impact of viticulture on the environment protecting biodiversity.

    Buying organic wines offers wine lovers a unique opportunity to enjoy high-quality wines while contributing to sustainability. Organic wines are not only a pleasure, but also an expression of commitment to a sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

    Buying organic wine is easier than ever these days. Many wineries offer their organic wines directly from the farm, giving wine lovers the opportunity to taste the wines and see their quality for themselves before buying. In addition, there are specialized wine merchants and online stores, such as ours, that offer a wide selection of organic wines online. Here, wine lovers can order organic wine from the convenience of their own home.

    Overall, organic wines are an asset to any wine cellar. With their natural production, strict quality standards and environmentally conscious commitment, they have earned their place in the wine world. Let yourself be seduced by the variety and natural pleasure of organic wines and make your contribution to protect our environment.

    Organic wines

    Organic wines are produced without the use of pesticides, herbicides and other chemical fertilizers. The use of these chemical substances is widespread in the production of conventional wines.

    In order for wine to be labeled organic certified, the production processes must meet strict production guidelines. In addition, producers must ensure that grapes come from organically farmed vineyards. While conventional wines in some countries can be enhanced in taste by the use of additives, this is prohibited in the production of organic wines.

    Since organic wines are produced without chemical substances, the production processes are designed to be more environmentally friendly and the land is managed more sustainably.

    The best grape varieties for growing organic wines vary depending on the location. As a rule, autochthonous grape varieties from the region are used for the cultivation of organic wines.

    If you want to buy wine in organic quality, you should know the organic wine seals. The first thing to look for is the EU organic logo on wine bottles. The logo consists of a sheet of white stars on a green background.

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