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    The wines of Masseria La Volpe - A journey through the flavors of Apulia

    Masseria La Volpe is the result of a dream to create a varied selection of wines and gastronomic specialties that represent the different regions of Italy and can enrich everyday life with small pleasures. For over twenty years this dream has become a great success thanks to the great experience and collaboration of passionate oenologists and sommeliers.

    The birth of Masseria La Volpe and its vision

    In recent years, the wines of Puglia have developed a unique identity and character, which has allowed them to be better positioned on the market. Primitivo and Salice Salentino have become synonymous with the quality of Puglia and, together with other wines, accompany this wonderful region on its international success. Thanks to innovative approaches and a highly qualified team of oenologists, Primitivo di Manduria DOC and Primitivo di Manduria DOC Riserva have been created - tailor-made products of outstanding quality.

    Primitivo di Manduria DOC and Primitivo di Manduria DOC Riserva - Highest quality from Apulia

    Primitivo di Manduria DOC is an outstanding wine that perfectly captures the essence of Puglia. Its deep red color in the glass seduces with aromas of ripe fruit, spices and an elegant wood note. On the palate, it unfolds a fascinating complexity of flavors, including juicy berries, dark chocolate and subtle hints of vanilla. The velvety tannins and balanced acid structure give it an elegant texture and a long, pleasant finish.

    Another highlight from Masseria La Volpe is the Primitivo di Manduria DOC Riserva. This wine is made from carefully selected grapes and ages in oak barrels for a long period of time to develop its unique personality. The Primitivo Riserva captivates with intense aromas of dark fruits, spices and a subtle smokey note. On the palate it is powerful and concentrated, with an impressive structure and a long, harmonious finish.

    Wine from Masseria La Volpe is excellent as an accompaniment to various dishes. The Primitivo di Manduria DOC pairs particularly well with strong meat dishes, pasta and hearty cheeses. The Primitivo di Manduria DOC Riserva, on the other hand, reveals its full splendor at a festive meal or a special occasion. Both wines are also perfect for events, inviting you to enjoy and discover the flavors of Puglia.

    Buy and enjoy Masseria La Volpe wines - Discover now in our store the whole selection

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    Fascinating world of Masseria La Volpe

    Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Masseria La Volpe wines and be amazed by their outstanding quality and unique character. Learn how these wines reflect the essence of Puglia and honor the rich wine tradition of this region. Discover the flavors, history and passion that are in every sip of Masseria La Volpe wines.

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