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    Tenuta Antonini - Where tradition meets passion

    Tenuta Antonini is the result of a long dream that has lasted over 100 years. Thanks to four generations of men who have firmly believed in the value of the land and its products, and in the beauty of the territory, this dream has come true. Tenuta Antonini is located in the hills of Teramo, where the soil has been perfect for growing grapes since ancient times.

    The unique position of the vineyards - Perfect conditions for healthy grapes

    The vineyards of Tenuta Antonini enjoy optimal growing conditions. They are surrounded by the Adriatic Sea to the east and the imposing Gran Sasso mountain range to the west. This geographical position ensures a wide temperature range between day and night, as well as good ventilation, which provides ideal conditions for the growth of healthy grapes and the concentration of aromatic compounds in the berries.

    The art of winemaking - wines with intensity and aromatic diversity

    These unique characteristics and the intensity of the aromas are clearly reflected in the wines produced at Tenuta Antonini. Each wine is the result of careful handwork and passion for the art of winemaking. The Antonini family combines traditional methods with modern know-how to produce wines of the highest quality and expressiveness.

    Experience the fascination of Tenuta Antonini and discover the diversity of their wines. From elegant and fresh white wines to powerful and complex reds, Tenuta Antonini offers an impressive selection to suit every palate. The wines embody the essence of the Teramo region and reflect the centuries-old winemaking tradition rooted in this part of Italy.

    Tenuta Antonini offers a wide range of wine varieties. From fresh and fruity whites to powerful and complex reds, there are a variety of options to please the palate. Careful grape selection and precise winemaking techniques ensure that every drop of Tenuta Antonini wine offers an unforgettable taste experience.

    Sustainable viticulture - respect for nature and the terroir

    Tenuta Antonini pays special attention to sustainable viticulture. The Antonini family attaches great importance to protecting natural resources and reducing the environmental impact to a minimum. The use of environmentally friendly farming practices and the responsible use of resources ensure that the vineyards remain healthy and sustainable. This is reflected not only in the quality of the wines, but also in their contribution to preserving the unique terroir characteristics of the region.

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    Experience the taste of the Teramo region and let yourself be seduced by the beauty and charm of its wines. There are many different wines from Tenuta Antonini, which are worth tasting them. A lot of wines from Tenuta Antonini have an international approval and won different international wine awards. 

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