Tenute Perdarubia

Tenute Perdarubia

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    The passion for the wine, which makes up the whole identity of Cannonau, comes from old root-true vines that are grown entirely organically.

    Today, Tenute Perdarubia owns 600 hectares in Sardegna, of which 20 are planted with vines. The Mereu family has been at the helm of the company since 2014. Mario, who bears the name of his grandfather, has worked hard in the last few years without ever losing his focus: producing wines in a manual and natural but also contemporary way.

    This is how Naniha was born, a label that brings with it the goal of presenting Cannonau “in purity” to the market, which Perda Rubia joins in an incredible duo. The trilogy of the company's wines ends with Lanùra, the authentic and luminous face of Sardinian wines.

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