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    Torrevento is located at the foot of Castel del Monte, a mysterious castle that has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. The castle stands alone and imposing on the highest hill of Murgia at 540 m asl. Built by the “stupor mundi” Federico II in the 13th century and unique in the world for its typical octagonal shape (which inspired the Torrevento logo) it evokes astrological and mysterious symbols linked to its particular architectural form. It is a territory where the inseparable relationship between man and environment dominates, in a perfect fusion of tradition, human activity, and nature. In the surroundings, typical dry-stone buildings, called Trulli Murgiani stand out. These were used during the transhumance as shelters for animals.

    In a perfect union between innovation and tradition, Torrevento pursues a development plan that has always been based on research and quality, for the production of a range of wines representative of the areas of Castel del Monte, Salento, and Primitivo.

    Torrevento wines are obtained from native Apulian vines such as Nero di Troia, Bombino Bianco and Nero, Aglianico, Moscato, Primitivo, and Negroamaro. They are proposed as modern interpreters of ancient Apulian traditions, the result of a combination of factors including favourable microclimate, nature of the territory, varietal selection, cellar technology, and quality control.

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