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    8 products
    Prunotto BUSSIA Barolo DOCG 2017
    CHF 68.00
    Giovanni Corino Barolo del Comune di La Morra DOCG 2018 | Red Wine SFr. 32
    CHF 32.00
    Prunotto Barolo DOCG 2019
    CHF 37.00
    Giovanni Corino BAROLO GIACHINI DOCG 2018
    CHF 42.90
    CHF 42.90
    Giovanni Corino BAROLO ARBORINA DOCG 2018
    CHF 45.90
    Castello di Perno Barolo DOCG 2017 | Red Wine SFr. 33.5
    Castello di Perno BAROLO DOCG 2017
    CHF 33.50
    Castello di Perno Barolo Castelletto DOCG 2017 | Red Wine SFr. 47
    Castello di Perno BAROLO CASTELLETTO DOCG 2017
    CHF 47.00

    Barolo is without any doubts one of the most famous Italian red wines, which is also appreciated far beyond the borders. Known as the king of wines for its exceptional quality, Barolo is also known as the wine of kings because of its history which goes back to the House of Savoy.

    The Barolo wine owes its name to the municipality of Barolo, which is located around 15 km south-west of Alba in the northern Italian region Piedmont. Barolo is made from 100% Nebbiolo grapes. The wine is characterized by great complexity, as well as a relatively high tannin and acid content, which gives it an extraordinary longevity.

    Until the late 1980s, Barolo was produced in a traditional way, characterized by a longer maceration and the practice of leaving part of the stems in the maceration during fermentation.

    A “modern” Barolo production type was created through the use of modern vinification techniques such as temperature control, shorter maceration times and barrique.

    Barolo Wines

    Barolo is an Italian red wine made from the Nebbiolo grape variety.

    Barolo is one of the best Italian red wines and enjoys great popularity among lovers and critics worldwide. Barolo is also known as the "King of Wines" and "Wine of the King" and is grown in the Piedmont region of northern Italy. The wine is named after the village of Barolo in the Piedmont region of Italy, where it is also produced. Barolo is distinguished by its recognized quality. It is highly appreciated among wine connoisseurs for its distinct character and complexity. Barolo has an intense ruby red color and an aroma that includes sweet cherries, violets, spices and cloves. The taste is full-bodied and complex.

    According to DOCG status, Barolo wine is required to age for 38 months, of which at least 18 months in wooden barrels. For a Riserva even 62 months of aging apply.

    Barolo is best paired with heavy, intensely flavored dishes such as game, risotto, ravioli, grilled meats and savory cheeses.

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