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    Barolo - The king of Italian red wines from Piedmont

    Barolo: Wine with history and royal reputation

    Barolo, called the "king" of Italian red wines, enjoys great popularity both nationally and internationally. With its extraordinary quality and history, it has earned the reputation of being the wine of kings, as its development is closely linked to the House of Savoy.

    Barolo from Piedmont: Home of the legendary red wine

    The name of the wine comes from the municipality of Barolo in the Northern Italian region of Piedmont, located about 15 km southwest of Alba. This region is known for its outstanding vineyards and special terroir, which provides perfect conditions for growing the Nebbiolo grape, from which Barolo is made.

    Barolo is vinified 100% from Nebbiolo. It is characterized by its great complexity, high tannin and acidity content, which gives it exceptional longevity. Barolo wines develop an impressive aromatic profile over the years and reach their peak after proper aging in the cellar.

    The traditional production of Barolo and influence of modern techniques

    Until the late 1980s, Barolo was made using traditional methods that included a longer maceration period and the retention of some of the stems during fermentation. This gave the wine its characteristic structure and texture. In recent decades, however, the production process has evolved, and modern vinification techniques have been introduced. This includes control of fermentation temperature, shorter maceration periods, and use of barriques to impart intense flavor nuances to the wine.

    Unique characteristics of Barolo: complexity and longevity

    Barolo wines are known for their complexity and unique character. They offer a wide range of aromas, including red fruits, violets, spices and often a distinctive earthiness. Their complex flavor profile and distinct structure make them ideal accompaniments to complex meals, especially aged cheeses, wild and hearty meat dishes.

    For wine lovers looking to buy Barolo, there are several options. Many renowned wineries in Piedmont offer their Barolo wines for tasting, where visitors can taste the wines and choose their favorites. In addition, specialized retailers and online stores such as ours make a selection of Barolo wines for you and allow convenient ordering.

    Barolo from Piedmont embodies the best of what the Italian wine world has to offer. Its long history, unique production and its delicious taste make it a treasure for wine lovers around the world. Immerse yourself in the world of Barolo and discover the fascination of this royal wine from the heart of Piedmont.

    Barolo Wines

    Barolo is an Italian red wine made from the Nebbiolo grape variety.

    Barolo is one of the best Italian red wines and enjoys great popularity among lovers and critics worldwide. Barolo is also known as the "King of Wines" and "Wine of the King" and is grown in the Piedmont region of northern Italy. The wine is named after the village of Barolo in the Piedmont region of Italy, where it is also produced. Barolo is distinguished by its recognized quality. It is highly appreciated among wine connoisseurs for its distinct character and complexity. Barolo has an intense ruby red color and an aroma that includes sweet cherries, violets, spices and cloves. The taste is full-bodied and complex.

    According to DOCG status, Barolo wine is required to age for 38 months, of which at least 18 months in wooden barrels. For a Riserva even 62 months of aging apply.

    Barolo is best paired with heavy, intensely flavored dishes such as game, risotto, ravioli, grilled meats and savory cheeses.

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