Musto Carmelitano

Musto Carmelitano

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    Musto Carmelitano is a family business of more than three generations of winemakers. Since the construction of the new wine cellar in 2006 and the collaboration with the experienced oenologist Sebastiano Fortunato, it has become possible to obtain exceptional wines that combine tradition with technology.

    The winery of the Musto Carmelitano farm is located in Basilicata. Surrounded by fruit trees and organic vegetables, the new winery built in 2006, with a modern and functional structure, equipped with all the necessary equipment for production, stands

    The wine-making area, characterized by steel tanks and refurbished concrete tanks, the barrel inside which the refinement of part of the wine takes place, a raised area used as an office and a tasting room with a large window that allows an excellent view of the entire cellar.

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