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    The best from Soave

    Pieropan is a reputable wine producer from the Soave region of Italy, known for its high-quality wines. The history of this winery goes back over four generations and is characterized by passion, innovation and the pursuit of excellence.

    History of Pieropan family

    The Pieropan winery was founded in 1890 by the village doctor Leonildo Pieropan. He recognized the potential of Soave region, particularly of the Garganega grape, which had been grown there for centuries. His sons began to professionalize winemaking at the winery, focusing on quality and tradition.

    In the 1970s Leonildo Pieropan's grandson, Leonildo Pieropan junior, took over the management of the winery. He was a visioner and a pioneer of change in winemaking. He focused on the application of modern technologies and innovative farming methods to get the most out of the grapes and the terroir of the Soave region.

    Pieropan - Tradition meets innovation: discover and buy the excellent Soave wines of a renowned family dynasty

    Despite fierce criticism, the winery became a pioneer of high-quality Soave wines under the direction of Leonildo Pieropan. In a few years Leonildo became the best interpreter of Soave DOC and a reference point for the national and international market. He introduced new winemaking techniques, such as the use of stainless-steel tanks and wooden barrels for fermentation and aging of the wines. This led to an improvement in quality and a significant increase in the reputation of Pieropan's wines. The real crus of Soave region - Calvarino and La Rocca were born. 

    The current generations of the Pieropan family continue the tradition and heritage. Andrea and Dario Pieropan, Leonildo's sons, have taken over the winery and run it with the same dedication and passion as their ancestors. They are committed to preserving their family's heritage while elevating Pieropan wines to a new level. Pieropan wines are exported all over the world became a synonym for the best Soave.

    High standards of Pieropan wines

    Pieropan Winery places great emphasis on sustainability and environmentally friendly farming methods. The vineyards are cultivated according to organic standards.

    Pieropan wines are characterized by their elegance, freshness and expressiveness. In particular, the Soave Classico, a white wine made from Garganega grapes, is a flagship of the winery. It impresses with its delicate fruit, mineral notes and balanced acidity.

    Pieropan has managed to capture the tradition and charm of the Soave region in its wines while constantly improving quality standards. Pieropan wines are recognized worldwide and are appreciated in the best restaurants and wine shops.

    Amarone and Valpolicella

    Pieropan's history is marked by tradition, innovation and a strong attachment to the terroir of the Soave region. In the early 2000s, with the acquisition of the Monte Garzon winery and Villa Cipolla, Pieropan embarked on the new adventure of producing Amarone and Valpolicella Classico. These Pieropan wines have also now gained international fame and recognition. 

    If you decide to buy Pieropan wines, you will have an opportunity to discover the real treasures. With your online purchase you can be sure that you will receive unique wines from Veneto region, made with passion and dedication.

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