Coming Soon: Champagne Prestige des Sacres!

Oct 21, 2022

We have great news for you!

We will distribute Champagne Prestige de Sacres from Reims! 

The essence of PRESTIGE DES SACRES Champagne is inextricably intertwined with the history of France. It was in Reims, the very heart of the Champagne Appellation area, that no fewer than 33 kings of France were crowned.

It is possible that the Prince of Turenne himself savoured wines from this vineyard since he was offered one hundred bottles of this beverage for the occasion of Louis XV’s coronation in 1722, and, at the time, some of the wines served during the celebrations undoubtedly came from the vineyard.

In homage to the origin of their vines and their rich history, the winegrowers have chosen the name PRESTIGE DES SACRES for their Champagne, and a packaging design using royal colours and symbols.

Today, the 60 winegrowers of the PRESTIGE DES SACRES Champagne are writing their own story centred on a shared passion. They champion the values passed down from generation to generation and tend their vines by applying well-thought out, considered methods to offer the very best grapes.

Good reason to pop the champagne corks!